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Publié : 18 octobre 2012
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Région Langues 2012 Marcel Sauvage

Article rédigé par Sylvie Bailliot

On Monday, June 25th, 2012, we left from IFA MARCEL SAUVAGE and arrived at Lycée du Bois, in Envermeu at 10.30am. Before lunch, we played volley-ball with Yuguang, our Chinese leader, or played volley ball with Ramon from Spain and Laura, from Canada.

After lunch, we had ice-breaker games : M&M’s, telephone and "Who am I ?".

After dinner, we all played soccer outside. It was fun !

On Tuesday, we played dodge ball inside in the gymnasium and we had a scarvenger hunt in the village. We had to find special places, collect information and report them in English.

On Wednesday, in the morning, we were in charge of making videos about Lycée du Bois. This is a technical school where students learn how to make objects in wood.

info document -  Flash Video - 1.9 Mo

In the afternoon, we went canooing at Muchedent.

The weather was great and we had a lot of fun. After canooing, we went back to the bus by bike. FR3 Haute Normandie was shooting a report on outside sport activities in the area,and some of us were interviewed and even filmed.

We spend all day long in Dieppe. Once again, we played a scarvenger hunt, having to find places, collect information, take pictures, and finally interview foreign people in English.

We had picnic on the beach and it was really very hot.

After dinner, once back to Envermeu, we played karaoké and everybody sang all together.

very friendly

This day was the last one. and everybody was sad. Nobody wanted to leave. But before the bus arrived, we took many pictures. We had prepared a surprise for our 3 leaders. We had made "paper medals" with a special message for each of them. They were really happy, but what we didn’t know was that they had done the same for each of us. We all received a personalized medal with the positive aspect of our personnality we had shown during the week.

We all enjoyed the week, because everyone was getting on well with others and we were surprised to understand better English, and to try to speak it more. Moreover, the leaders, and even the teachers, were very friendly. Réion Langues 2012 was a great experience !